Do you aspire to continue your music education past your high school years?

The Honors Track of the Music Conservatory of Sandpoint is a platform designed for highly achieving students to receive additional instruction and mentoring to further their musical careers. It is an important distinction of the Honors Track that not only are students honing musical skill, but seeking to become well-rounded musicians and competitive in a professional environment.

  • Four to six high school students are selected annually for participation in the Honors Track.
  • Fall Semester - Selected students typically receive an additional 45-minute lesson for 12 weeks during the semester (scholarship dependent).
  • Spring Semester – Students attend a weekly 1.5 hour group class.
  • Upon selection, MCS anticipates three years to complete the program.

Admission Requirements:  Audition, Music Theory Placement Exam & Interview

Highlights of Participation:

  • Students will be asked to attend and/or perform at various concerts throughout the year, including the annual MCS All Stars concert in May (held at the Panida Theater).
  • Group classes are designed to enhance a student’s readiness for competition.
  • Group classes may include conducting, composition, advanced theory, music history, and ear training.


Contact the MCS Office or ask your instructor about Honors Prep or to learn more about our Merit Scholarships.