Our Early Childhood Curriculum is specifically designed to meet the needs of the very youngest musicians

All of our unique programs emphasize musical games and movement activities in a safe and fun environment

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Little Mozarts

Recommended for ages Walking to 4 years
Thursday 10-11 AM
10/4/2018 through 2/7/2019 Fall Semester
2/14/2019 through 5/9/2019 Spring Semester

This course highlights musical games and movement activities to teach basic pitch and rhythm skills. Your child will discover music in a new and exciting way, combining the theories of Dalcroze Eurythmics, the rhythmic principles of Orff, and Kodaly's singing methodology.

Fostering the emotional, physical, cognitive, social and aesthetic growth of each child through the discovery of essential musical elements. Parent participation is required for this course.

What Instrument is Right for My Child?

Instrument Carousel

Recommended for Ages 4-7
Wednesday 4-5 PM
9/12/2018 through 2/6/2019 Fall Semester

Wednesday 3:30-4:40 PM
2/20/2019 through 6/5/2019 Spring Semester

Instrument Carousel is designed to offer keen insight into the child's natural interest. Participating students will be able to explore different instruments in order to see which one inspires them. Students spend equal time practicing the skills needed to play recorder, violin, and piano; as well as an introduction to basic note reading.