Fiddle Camp w/Special Guest Instructor Carolyn Hatch

 August 1-4, 9 a.m. ~ 12 p.m.

Camp Overview:

Violinists and fiddlers of all ages are encouraged to learn music in new ways, by ear and by tablature, to catchy traditional fiddle tunes! Fiddle workshops are always fun when Carolyn Hatch is teaching.  She presents different styles of fiddling, teaching not only the tunes, but the technique required to master those tunes.  As well as music she also teaches the kids to dance to the tunes they are learning.  She likes to focus on sound and technique for the tunes rather than just fast playing and hard notes!  Come join the fun!  All students will participate in an outdoor performance/jam session at the Farmer's Market at Farmin Park on Saturday, the final day of camp. Students will also have the opportunity to work with Ms. Hatch in private lessons.  

About the Instructor:

Carolyn Hatch is a violin teacher and a fiddler, living and teaching on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada.  She studies violin and violin pedagogy with Shinichi Suzuki in Japan and with Paul Rolland from the University of Illinois where she graduated with a Masters Degree in violin performance.  Although classically trained she began adding fiddle tunes to her teaching while teaching in Calgary, Alberta and founded the now famous Calgary Fiddlers.  She has played in many classical organizations and became a well versed fiddler and loves to play and teach many styles of fiddling from all over the world.  She has been teaching full time for over 42 years (and still enjoys it!)

Please call MCS at 208.265.4444 for more information or to enroll.