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Tuition Assistance


The Music Conservatory of Sandpoint is eager to assist all students in getting the music education they need to fully realize their potential. We take a personal approach, working with families to suit individual student needs. We generally do not provide complete financial tuition assistance for any student, the amount of assistance that we can provide is based on available funds. Volunteer hours are an expected addition to this agreement. 

Eligibility: At this time, MCS is able to consider applicants ages 6-18 years of age. High school graduates are not eligible. Also, students under the age of thirteen are typically allotted award amounts for 30 minute lesson increments. Please enroll accordingly. Students may receive a maximum of 4 semesters of tuition assistance. 

After the above have been returned to the Conservatory Office, the tuition assistance committee will meet with the parent(s) and student to discuss goals and expectations, and work out an appropriate tuition assistance plan. Please feel free to contact MCS at 265-4444 for more information about tuition assistance. 

The tuition Forms:

Tuition Assistance Application Form – Use this form to apply for tuition assistance at MCS.  Please note the application deadline is typically two weeks before the start of each term.  Applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  Information shared by the applicant with MCS will be kept confidential.

Tuition Assistance RENEWAL Application Form – Use this form to renew current tuition assistance benefits at MCS.  

Student Code of Conduct, Financial, Tuition, & Refund Policies – Keep a copy of this form for your records and to better understand MCS policies