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Tuition Assistance

The Music Conservatory of Sandpoint is eager to assist all students in the pursuit of musical excellence, by working with families to explore alternatives to common cost limitations. We encourage young learners to first participate in our affordable after-school enrichment programs, and recommend eligible private students to apply for tuition assistance.


At this time, MCS is able to consider applicants ages 6-18 years of age. High school graduates are not eligible.


Due to fund limitations, private lesson assistance generally does not cover 100% of tuition for any student. A typical award may range from 20-40% of semester fees. Award amounts also take into consideration the age and ability of the student. For example, students under the age of 13 are generally provided lessons in 30 minute increments.

The tuition Forms:

Tuition Assistance Application Form – Use this form to apply for tuition assistance at MCS. Please note that the application deadline is typically two weeks prior to the start of each semester. Applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and information shared by the applicant will be kept confidential.

Tuition Assistance RENEWAL Application Form – For students currently receiving tuition assistance, please complete this form at the start of each semester to apply for an award renewal.


Policies and Procedures

Student Code of Conduct, Financial, Tuition, & Refund Policies – Keep a copy of this form for your records and to better understand MCS policies